Interest rate and Forex reporting

Welcome to Yawer.be , the place where treasurers, CFO’s and finance professionals can value interest rate and forex instruments, test hedging strategies and condense the information into intelligible reporting.

Financial instruments management

User friendly platform to value financial instruments.

Link different instruments into a portofio.

Report interest rate and forex risk strategies.

Collaborative approach

We mutualise requests and ideas from risk and treasury managers.

This results in intelligible templates for analysis and reporting purpose.

We share users experiences through a personalised assistance.

One click reports and analysis

It’s just one click to get reports and analysis.

No Implementation required. We love « plug and play ».

No complex worksheet. We love minimalism.


We value interest rate and foreign exchanges financial instruments.

You can split the components of the instruments. It means that separating intrinsic and time value or clean and dirty price is possible. Cashflows details are also available.

You can value instruments including a linear or a non-linear amortisation schedule.

You can link different instruments together into a portfolio.

This is particularly insteresting to manage your risk management strategies or to track your hedging relationships.

For that purpose, you can define instruments as underlyings or hedging instruments.

Once your instruments and reports are designed into the application, choose the reporting date and click! It's done.

We are using end-of-day data to value the instruments.

You can now export the information outside the platform, share the outcome with others and play with the data.

You want to test?


Nicolas and Vincent met at a large financial institution where they developed applications dedicated to the clients. These tools permitted to perform risk management analysis and assessment of hedging relations.

Advising clients made them identify the need for companies to ease their risk management and reporting activities.The 2008 financial crisis prompted them to change of model. They decided to start their own activity leveraging on their experience in advising corporates and institutional clients.

In 2015, they created Yawer together to combine Nicolas skills in data analysis and modelling and Vincent skills in business analysis and project management. This start-up style structure allows to focus on the customer needs and to adapt quickly to the changing environment.

Nicolas Cosme

After a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, Nicolas moved to finance in order to apply his strong technical background to a new playground.

Nicolas has a mathematical and scientific background. He is driven by curiosity, problem solving and never stops learning.

He is co-founder and technology and analytics director of Yawer.

Vincent Herzfeld

Vincent studied business and management. At the early stage of his career he worked in audit and private equity. In 2006 he joined the dealing room of a financial institution where he was a subject-matter-expert.

Vincent has a strong appetite for digital marketing and technology. He is driven by entrepreneurship and creativity.

Vincent is co-founder and sales and marketing director of Yawer.